Friday, September 21, 2007

New Babysitter

Kennedy had a new babysitter tonight and she had a GREAT time with her. This lovely young lady, Marysa, bowls with Kennedy in the next age bracket up. Kennedy bowls with her younger sister and absolutely adores both sisters. Since this was her first time, Marysa came on her own to get herself used to everything. Next time, I think her little sister will be coming too. Kennedy is in seventh heaven!

When I got home, Marysa told me Kennedy kept hugging her and telling her, "you're my best friend!" all night, which was I think, indicative of a very successful night. I must say that this young lady put more effort into babysitting than just about everyone else who has ever watched her. She brought a big bag of things to do with Kennedy, games, books, Webkinz pets, and some other stuff. I have no doubt that Kennedy had a ball and by the time I got home, she was in her bed, all tucked in and snoring away. I am so happy we've been able to find a regular babysitter I can call if I want to go out some evening. It's a bonus that this young lady is just about the nicest girl you've ever met.

Lucky us! Lucky Kennedy!


Leslie, Arlin & Katie Kauffman said...

What a great sitter it sounds like she is! It's so nice and reassuring to have someone you can feel comfortable leaving your child with.

Leslie & Katie

Lisa said...

Yes Leslie - it is wonderful...she is young but I don't think age matters as much as effort.

ellen charge said...

yay xxxxxxxxxxx

Amélie Mia Chan said...

This makes a huge difference to parents...knowing Lisa that you can have an evening out, and Kennedy is having a ball.

The fact that so much effort was put in by your new sitter must have been reassuring for you all.... can I have her number!!!!!!!and cheap airline flights!!!!!We could maybe share her :-)

Love Les and Amélie (UK) x