Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quick Updates and Some Pics...

Has it really been four and a half months since my last update??? Eek! I guess with the proliferation of sharing on Facebook now, there's less and less time for the blog. But just for the three of you who still read the blog (*cough* Sandy *cough*) I thought I'd post a quick update. Kennedy is in high school now!!! The transition has gone smoothly and she has already been trying out for the cheer team, has joined the yearbook committee, and an acting group at the school. I predict she'll be continue to stay very busy knowing my gal. Krissy is getting ready to get a CI! She is going for her clinic appointment in late October and we'll know the exact surgery date after that. She found her 'true love' this summer and they have been dating for months and are very happy. So happy in fact, that we barely see her some days! Kennedy and I travelled to British Columbia this summer to visit Ryan & his family. When we arrived, Ryan had gotten a job in Alberta and had left! We had a great time visiting Felicia, Marissa and Seth and seeing the western part of the country. Chilliwack was a beautiful place! This past weekend, we took a Thanksgiving trip to Cape Breton to visit Taylor for her fourth birthday - can't believe it's been four years! After our visit with her, we visited Fortress Louisbourg and slept in a train car converted to a hotel in Tatamagouche, NS. It was a short but very fun and relaxing family get-away. As always, a few pictures from recent months... Kennedy on top of Cypress Mountain near Vancouver, British Columbia
Krissy, Jarren and Kennedy at the Exhibition
Summer Visit with MacKenzie
Snuggles with Felicia, Marissa & Seth in BC
Kennedy with a soldier at Fortress Louisbourg
Kennedy & Krissy's first day of High School together