Monday, September 10, 2007

Kennedy's First Spelling Homework

This was Kennedy's first day of having spelling homework. I removed her new "Spelling Connections 4" text book from her bag and proceeded to gaze down the list of words. She had to make a sentence for each word; here is the list (you can click on the photo to enlarge them to read them easier):
Kennedy's First Grade Four Spelling List
As you can see, although she attends a secular public school, "God" was one of the words in her list. Now I will share with you some of her own original sentences, without any help whatsoever, including the one with "God".
How You Can Tell Your Child Was Raised By Atheists


wRitErsbLock said...

that cracked me up!

Eva Nichole said...

I love that story and Kennedy had been handwriting then me...LOL!

Crystal and Eva

Amélie Mia Chan said...

GOD bless you day I think you will be famous...possibly in the comedian business!!!!

your too cute and funny!

love Les and Amélie xxx