Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Craze Dayz Are Here Again

Yep the hectic nature of all the "Back-To-School" has had me in a whirlwind this past week. That, coupled with the fact that I almost severed my pinky last weekend (trying to cook and get ahead, cleaning up and stupidly pushed the garbage down not noticing the serrated edge can on top!), has left me little time to post anything.

K is doing great in grade four - she has her old kindergarten teacher who we love so yay for that! The new Teacher's Assistant is doing well, K has been eating fairly well at school (what she doesn't finish at lunch usually ends up as after school snack but that is a-okay with me). Still managing well without the Ritalin as well. Hopefully as my finger gets better, I will be able to update more often.

Here she is on her first day of grade four, complete in her "cool" High School Musical outfit, giving me a sassy pose...


Amélie Mia Chan said...

Yes Miss Kennedy thats sure 'sassy' you look mighty gorgeous, we love high school girlies sing and dance there way through it and then attempt to replay!! once is enough!!

Lisa all children wear school uniform in the UK until college age 16.

hugs Les and Amélie xxx

wRitErsbLock said...

so grown up

Eva Nichole said...

You look great for your 1st day of school Kennedy!! I alway knew you had great style!!
Crystal and Eva