Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Girl Guides of Canada Profile

Kennedy has been featured on the Girl Guides of Canada web site, if you would like to see her profile, you can see it at

Halloween 2007

Tonight Kennedy decided to be a kitty-cat for Trick-or-Treating, I got into the spirit and donned a jester costume to hand out treats while Dad took her out to get some goodies.

This past week, she has been to FOUR Halloween parties, to one of which she wore the kitty costume; the other three parties she wore her Ariel costume she got in January in Disney World (the poses are all her idea...she's a diva!):

Hope everyone has a safe, healthy, happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Grammar Queen

Kennedy - the Super Grammar girl, high above her beloved city of Saint John
My little princess got 38/40 on her big Grammar test today and I am so proud of her! She had to differentiate common/proper nouns, give the meaning of a noun, do plurals, and find nouns in a list. I am doing the happy proud mommy dance tonight :) She seems to do quite well with literacy/reading/language arts type subjects, so I'm very happy about that. She is loving school this year and I am loving her school this year. Yay for teachers that "get it!"

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

After Nine Years...

This is a beautiful thing:

I had been all excited at the prospect of uploading videos straight through Blogger but it didn't work - back to Google Video I guess!

More of Kennedy's School Work

School is going well, Kennedy appears to be doing really well so far in grade four. She knows what she is doing with her homework, I'm not feeling like I'm re-teaching anything this year. It is a practice time for concepts she has already learned at school. She has also gotten a couple of great marks so far: 12/13 on a Social Studies Test about the Canadian provinces and territories and 8/10 on this paragraph about food. I had a good laugh on this one because she isn't allowed to eat downstairs (and she always asks) and she listed it as her favourite place to eat!!!

My favorite breakfast is cereal. My favorite lunch is pudding. Cake is my favorite dinner. My favorite place to eat is downstairs. I know how to cook supper. I want to learn to cook some eggs too. My mom and dad can cook supper.

Yep, cake & pudding for two of her favourite meals - that's my girl!