Friday, September 14, 2007

Peanut Butter Babe

As we continue our adventures in life with oral eating, we discover new and wonderful foods we love. The latest craze d'Kennedy is definitely PEANUT BUTTER. She is seriously obsessed with it, and after eating her other food, eats a generous "mound" of the stuff. She would eat it constantly if I let her; she asks for it ALL the time. I've recently made the decision to relocate the peanut butter to a higher shelf where she cannot see it because I'm just not so sure how much I trust the little curly-haired imp.

I wonder if it's okay to feed your kids peanut butter EVERYDAY? I hope it is, it's protein, right? It can't be THAT bad.

On another semi-related food/eating/tube note, I changed her button earlier this week and it promptly fell out in the middle of the night (faulty balloon). At 1:15am, Graeme & I were awakened by, "Something's happening!" - poor Kennedy was holding her gaping stoma in a sleepy stupor wondering what was going on! We took her to the hospital because we had no other spare buttons and ran into her pediatrician, who said we could just let it grow over. It was a bit sooner than I'd planned, but I thought, "what the heck, it fell out anyway". Usually a stoma will begin to close almost immediately (emphasis on "usually"). Kennedy did fine until the next morning after breakfast, just as she arrived at school, the ol' breakfast started pouring out, then lunch, etc...finally we put another button in her stomach. It looks like it will have to be surgically closed when we're ready.


ellen charge said...

wow maybe her tummy istn ready for her to eat yet lol never no

Amélie Mia Chan said...

love peanut butter...Kennedy is doing amazingly well with her foods and oral eating...shame about the stoma, once Amélies cam out sometime during the night and we had to battle to get the spare in, I was amazed at how quickly it was sealing itself up, maybe thats because it was new, and as the years pass the stoma region gets more tougher and granualtes a little...who knows.

Enjoy you peanut butter Kennedy...what next!!

love Les and Amélie xx

wRitErsbLock said...

I'm glad she's doing so well with eating.

Eva Nichole said...

Great job miss Kennedy!! Eva LOVES peanut butter also, she loves it by itself or on bread. Add Jelly and forget it she is not a big jelly eatter.
Crystal and Eva