Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kennedy's Performance

For folks who aren't on Facebook, here is Kennedy singing at the first ever Conference Idol last Friday night (07/24/09). As I mentioned in the video description on Facebook, she only got 1/2 way through and folks started clapping thinking it was over but she was okay with it and it was still super cute.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

9th International CHARGE Syndrome Conference

We are back after an amazing conference in Bloomindale, IL. It'll take a couple of days to really process and digest all that went on at the conference: new friendships made, old friends reconnected, information learned, joyous events and people celebrated. It really was a great conference of firsts as Brownie Shott, our conference chairperson, pointed out in her address to the group: online registration, conference idol, professional day, and more. It was so exciting and really an honour to be a part of it, both in the planning & execution of it as well as to be there with my family, taking part in it all.

Today I'm uploading pictures and splicing video clips (and doing a gargantuan amount of laundry) but I will put my thoughts down a little more in depth very soon. For now, here are some of my photos I uploaded this morning:!

I have some more pics, but am saving some for the CHARGE conference edition newsletter, especially of the awards presented, etc. If any of you have photos, stories, quotes about the conference, etc, you'd like to submit, please send them to me. The more the merrier! Click here for my email: Email Lisa.

Friday, July 17, 2009

July Update

As usual, it's been a while since I've updated the blog. Here's what's been going on in our lives:

*In late June/early July, I spent two weeks at Perkins School for the Blind (Deafblind Proram) doing a teaching internship. It was amazing and I met a lot of super cool kids, a lot of whom had CHARGE. While I was there, Kennedy went with Nana & Papa to their trailer for two weeks. She had a lot of fun swimming, throwing rocks at the beach and, of course, shopping.

*We've been spending a lot of time doing stuff together since I got home because I missed her like MAD...watching movies (last night we watched Ghostbusters - too fun), shopping, and most of all preparing for the big CHARGE Syndrome Conference in Chicago next week. She is super-excited, especially about Conference Idol, taking place Friday night. She is going to sing "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. She wanted highlights in her hair for the big performance so we did that this week and she also picked out a new dress & shoes to wear. I'm happy to report that Dad & big brother Kyle will also be coming and that Kyle has volunteered to work in childcare both days of the conference.

*Tonight, Kennedy & I, along with my good friend Jill, are heading down to Maine to our pal Courtney's trailer to have a girly camp-out this weekend. I know, kind of crazy right before conference but it'll be a lot of fun and I will still have Monday to get ready.

*After I arrived home from Perkins, Kennedy & I went to visit my beautiful granddaughter and Kennedy's sweet niece, Taylor. She is getting so big, four teeth now, standing and walking holding onto things, eating a bunch of different foods and just becoming a real big girl. I forgot my camera so was only able to grab a picture or two with my Blackberry. Here are the girls:

More to come with better pictures after conference. Hope your summer is going well and everyone is healthy. Please keep Cheyenne in your thoughts next week as she is having surgery.