Monday, March 10, 2008

More Sleepover Pictures and a Letter to the Easter Bunny

Here are a few more photos of the sleepover queen and her court - Jenna and MacKenzie in a few shots, then Mac & Kennedy in the last ones shopping, and singing Kareoke and just being generally silly. Also included in this set is K's letter to the Easter Bunny. She just popped upstairs and said, "I want to write a letter to the Easter Bunny." Who am I to argue? She also wanted to know where he lived so I told her "Easter Island." Sounds like a good answer to me!
(as ever, hit F5 if Flickr is being a pain and the refresh should bring the photos up)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pink Lady/Sleepover Madness

Well it's March Break Madness around here this week, where mom tries to get all of her school work done and the kids want to be run around here, there, and everywhere! Kennedy went for a sleepover at her friend Emma's house this past Tuesday night, where Emma's mom helped Kennedy get into the latest fashion trend with all the little girls around here: PINK HAIR. Yep, pink hair streaks in the front of the hair are all the rage lately, so of course Ms. Kennedy had to get in on it, too. I knew Emma's mom had the dye so I told her to go for it.
Here's some picture evidence:
Kennedy's Pink Hair - Side View

Front View:

Now she is dying for me to straighten it with a flat iron so she can see what it will look like straight. What a kid.

The one night sleepover at Emma's turned into two nights, as they live quite a way away from us and a nasty freezing rain storm took hold yesterday and we weren't able to go and get her. That meant a Wednesday night sleepover at OUR house with her other friend, Jenna, had to be postponed. Her mom & I decided on Friday night, which was okay because our dear friends Jeanie & MacKenzie from Nova Scotia had called on Wednesday morning to tell me that they weren't going to be able to make their previously scheduled trip this weekend.

Then, Jeanie called me on Wednesday night after I made the plans with Jenna's mom to tell me that they could in fact now make it and would be arriving the same time as Jenna on Friday night and staying until Monday. Soooooo, Friday night is going to be girls' night at my house with Jeanie, MacKenzie, Jenna, Kennedy, and myself. Graeme better run and hide from all those girls... (actually he is taking off to go four-wheeling with the boys on Saturday so he'll be able to escape for a little while at least!)

Oh yeah, did I mention my sister and her three kids are coming from Nova Scotia this weekend as well to visit and it's my sister's birthday and she wants us all to go out and celebrate??? I'll fit it all in somehow. I guess I better get off the computer and start studying for my two midterms next week, it doesn't look like I'm getting much studying done this weekend!