Monday, June 4, 2007

Kennedy Is Now A Guide

They used to call this a "Flying Up" Ceremony when I was in Brownies; however, it is now simply called "Advancement Ceremony". Kennedy had her last night as a Brownie and moved up to Guides, which will start in the fall. I remember making pretty wings and walking over a bridge when I was a kid - now they line up and give each other "high fives". It's a different world! She was very cute and very excited about it, though. She wanted to go to the Girl Guide store to buy her Guide shirt after Brownies, even though it doesn't start until the fall and the shop was definitely closed at 8:30pm!

Here's a quick clip of Ms. Kennedy movin' on up:

Kennedy Goes To Guides on Vimeo

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Eva Nichole said...

Congrats Kennedy!! Great job and have fun moving up.
Crystal and Eva