Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day 2007

We had a nice relaxing morning then we were off on our quest to get a chimney/fire pit for the backyard. Kennedy LOVES camp fires and eating toasted marshmallows, so we decided to get a pit for the backyard. Mom & Dad came over for supper and stayed for the inaugural run of our backyard chimney.

Kennedy with Nana & Papa, just after Dad lit 'er up for the first time:
Kennedy Mom & Dad at the backyard firepit

Marshmallow Haze:
Marshmallow Haze

Sticky Fingers:
Sticky Fingers

The Two Favorite Dads in my life:

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Eva Nichole said...

We love camp fires also. we are going camping in a few weeks and a we are so excited about it!! Glad Kennedy can now have a fire and marshmellows as much as she wants!
Crystal and Eva