Friday, May 25, 2007

Ms. Straight Hair

Mom, if you're reading, stop now - you won't like this!

Kennedy was born with beautiful curly hair. One might even call it 'unruly' at times but it's sweet and it's Kennedy. Of course, however, she wants long STRAIGHT hair all the time. I finally gave in and straightened her hair with a straightener, she looked so different!!! I can't blame her though, I remember being a teenager and despising my curly locks (I now love and appreciate them). Here is Ms. Straight Hair:


Eva Nichole said...

Your hair looks so cute, I love your curls tho also. We always want what we can't have right, I have VERY straight hair and it won't hold a curl for nothing.
Crystal and Eva

Yuka said...

... our youngest, Ethan, has beautiful curly locks like Kennedy's, and we straighten his hair regularily! He went to a pool party this weekend and most of his friends didn't realize what a curly mop of hair he has! I think it's when all the register clerks at Disneyland fawned over his curls he really had it with curly hair :o) That and there aren't any Ninja's with curly hair ;o)

love, yuka