Sunday, June 10, 2007

Our Weekend

We started out yesterday with a trip to Rockwood Park to feed squirrels, go on a nature walk, play in the sand at the beach and go to the playground:
Kennedy & Daddy feed the hungry squirrels! We have been feeding those squirrels for ages - they will eat right out of your hand at times. Kennedy loves feeding them and gets extremely aggravated when the pigeons fly in to try and get some food, she claps and chases them away!
Holding onto Daddy's hand with both hands - he keeps her safe from all the bugs!

Higher Dad, higher!!!

Today was Kennedy's flower-planting and GIANT BUBBLES Day!

"Look at that!"

This is Kennedy getting frustrated when the bubbles don't work!

"Watch this! Cool!"

Here she is planting her impatiens and geraniums:

Poor Kennedy, she picked the wrong mommy to have to be interested in gardening - my thumb is BLACK!!

She is very proud of her beautiful flowers and we are very proud of our beautiful flower.


Eva Nichole said...

Kennedy you are a much better gardener then I will ever be!!! Very pretty flowers, also the bubbles look like alot of fun and VERY COOL!! Eva loves bubbles too.
Keep having so much fun and can't wait to see you at the conference.
Crystal and Eva

Krista said...

Kennedy always did love those bubbles! That giant bubble maker looks like a lot of fun to me. Might have to find me one of those.