Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sprucing Things Up Around Here

I finally caved and upgraded to the new Blogger - I had always chosen to go with the Classic templates because I had more control over the html and could tweak it the way I want. I'm still tweaking with this new version but it's not as annoying as I thought it'd be and let's face it, it IS prettier. What do you think? Like the new template? I thought it was really cute and the best thing? It's FREE...always a selling point with me.

I am so not surprised that I am working on Kennedy stuff when I have a gazillion other things to do. Only 41 hours to go until I pick her up. Roughly. I'm not counting or anything. Really, I'm not. :)

Okay onto other work now. I've already written a report this morning, washed all the bedding and worked on another web page that I needed to get done. Maybe I'll keep the Kennedy slideshow running on the side.


MK said...

Love, love the new layout on your blog!! Looks great.
Thanks for the comment on Lucs's blog, it encouraged us and we got him scheduled for PE tubes in two weeks (impressive I thought). Anyway glad to see you all doing so well. Tell Kennedy how much of an encouragement she is to all the little chargers out there (not to mention their parents). Take care!!!

hannah m said...

LOVE the new look!

wRitErsbLock said...

I love the new look.

Kristi said...

Love the makeover, Lisa!
I can't believe that Miss K is off at camp!!! I still remember... she was one of the first pics of a little girl with CHARGE that I saw after Gracie was born... and now she's a big girl off at CAMP! I think you are handling it remarkably well... after all, you can still put together a sentence! :-)
How many hours 'til you pick her up?!