Tuesday, August 5, 2008

She's Off!

Well, I dropped the little miss off at Deaf Camp on Sunday. She was so excited for the past few months and on the way up, but she decided she wanted mama to stay when I was getting ready to leave. Uh oh...
The woman I hired to be her helper is fantastic though, and got her mind changed again; they were laughing and looking at Hannah Montana magazines as I drove off. It's Tuesday and I haven't heard anything so I'm assuming she's settled in and having a ball. I hope.

As for me on the other hand, I can't stop thinking about her; I even woke up in the night last night for a couple hours wondering how she was making out. Is she warm enough? Did she have enough to eat today? Did they remember to remind her about sunscreen and bugspray? Is she dry? (it's been raining like a bugger here since I drove her up) What a mess I've been. I know she's going to be fine but I can't stop myself from these incessant thoughts. There are more than fifty staff for 48 or 49 campers AND I hired someone to give her an extra hand specifically. So why can't I calm down? I'd love to know...maybe it'll get easier as the week goes on.

I was online watching her little videos the FIRST NIGHT she was gone. I thought I'd get all this work done and get all caught up on my sleep, etc. Yeah, not so much. Sure, I've left Kennedy lots of times before, even up to eight or nine days but it was always with my mom...this is different. She will need to be a lot more independent and I have always been a worrier that other people won't "do it like mom does" - which is ridiculous because she does fine at school, other day camps, etc, where I am not there. I think it's the whole camp, sleeping away overnight, all personal care, etc that I'm stressing about. I really am going to try and keep busy this week and relax a bit as well but it is HARD!


amy and mighty max said...

pretty darn awesome! away at camp...overnight! wonderful! :)

i hope, hope, hope you can take this time for yourself and relax, enjoy and have some good ol' "me" time!

love, amy and max

hannah m said...

I love that you and Kennedy are so connected! She's so lucky to have such a caring, loving mom.

I bet your sweet girl is having tons of adventures that she will tell you all about at week's end! In the meantime, like Amy said, I sure hope you'll enjoy some "you" time - some adventures of your own to share with Kennedy when you're reunited!