Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Smashing Performance!

Well my little princess did fabulous again tonight, along with the 40 something other children who make up the group who performed at Summer Jam 2008. She was in five songs tonight, had a line of her own, which I missed on video and a singing line of her own (which I caught on video!), and many dance steps to learn in five short days. She rocked it out... She is really looking forward to going to Theatre classes beginning in the fall; Mommy couldn't be happier about that. Watching her up there on stage is sheer and utter joy! This is a song from Anne of Green Gables called, "Summer" - Kennedy has a short solo near the end of this clip, at about 3:16...

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Eva Nichole said...

THAT WAS AWSOME KENNEDY!! I wish we could come see you proform, to bad we do not live closer to you. You are AWSOME!!
Crystal and Eva