Friday, December 21, 2007

Shortbread Cookies

I spent the day doing a lot of holiday baking - when Kennedy came home afterschool, she wanted to play outside in the snow for awhile. When she came in, she noticed the rolled out dough and shortbread cookies cooling on wire racks. She asked if she could have one and proceeded to gobble TWO down (with a bit of frosting on them). The next question was, "can I have that frosting in a bowl, mama?" - that's my girl, complete with sweet tooth! It was pretty special seeing her eat her very first holiday cookies! She was very concerned about which ones we should leave out for Santa. I told her we would save him a couple of the big ones. She is so excited and things are a lot of fun around here right about now.
Kennedy Having Fun in the Snow

First Time Eating a Holiday Cookie - December 21, 2007


ellen charge said...

wow wat a great thing love u

Eva Nichole said...

Yummy!! Kennedy knows where the good stuff is...hee hee!! She also looks so cute playing outside, so much fun!!
Crystal and Eva

wRitErsbLock said...

hope Christmas was magical.
happy boxing day

Catherine said...

Happy happy holidays! with love, Catherine and the little red reuster.... x