Monday, December 3, 2007

Pictures from our trip to Nova Scotia

All this studying is keeping me away from the blog lately; here, finally, are the pictures from our trip last month to Nova Scotia, where we spent a few days with dear friends Jeanie & MacKenzie and then went into the hospital for Kennedy to have her g-tube taken out and stoma closed. There are photos from their swim at the White Point Beach Resort, at Jeanie's House, and at the IWK. As always, remember if Flickr! is being naughty and says "no such photos found!", hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh the screen and that should set everything right.

1 comment:

Eva Nichole said...

Awsome pictures!!! I love that you have such a wonderful friendship with McKennzie. That is wonderful!!
Crystal and Eva
PS also great job with the surgery you are so good and so brave.