Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December Pictures

Kennedy sang in the Holiday Musical at her school today. It was called "Once on a Housetop" - a great multi-cultural, multi-traditional celebration. Her song was part of the "Santa" portion of the show; he was stuck in the chimney. The song was "A Big Red Fella" - the video is getting transferred onto DVD so I can get it up online. In the meantime, here she is singing:Kennedy singing with her grade four class - A Big Red Fella

And here she is, post-show, posing in front of the tree:Lil Ms. Poser

And the other day, shoveling snow with Dad (we are doing that a LOT lately - lots of snow already!):Shoveling with Daddy

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Eva Nichole said...

I love your Christmas dress, I hope everything is going well and you have a wonderful Christmas.
Crystal and Eva