Monday, December 3, 2007

22 More Sleeps!

The Holiday Madness has begun! Kennedy woke up Saturday morning bouncing off the walls to open her advent calendar. There's nothing like brightly coloured Santa & Reindeer waving in your face and the whiff of cheap chocolate to lull you not-so-gingerly out of your slumber. Seriously, though - the holidays are just too much fun when you are dealing with the energy dynamo that is my Kennedy. We put the decorations up this past Saturday & Sunday and though it's no winter wonderland by any means, Kennedy loves it all. She was just about busting with excitement as each of the large plastic totes were brought down from the attic by Daddy. It really is all about reliving things through your children's eyes. It's a lot of fun, even when I'm not 100% in the mood, with the impending doom of six cumulative exams hanging over my head.

This morning, another usual December tradition started...when Kennedy comes upstairs around 6:30am, ALL of the lights must be turned on: the little tree by the front door, the ceramic "North Pole" that sits on the coffee table, all of the little village houses on the mantle and even the candy canes and star in the big picture window. They stay on until Miss K is on her bus off to school. I don't know anyone who loves it all more than Kennedy, which always serves to get me in the mood, too.

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Eva Nichole said...

I am right there with you Kennedy I love it all too!!! We have a neighborhood by us that is all lite up for Christmas and I know you would love it!!!
Crystal and Eva