Sunday, August 5, 2007

Videos From the Conference

Here are a few videos I took at the conference, mostly of Ms. Kennedy & Ms. MacKenzie together.

These are all from the dance/carnival on Saturday night. We begin with the girls doing an eloquent version of the Chicken Dance:

We then move on to the Disco portion of the evening with our two little "Dancin' Queens":

Now we have the "Egyptian Twist" - I'm sure Chubby Checker could even appreciate the girls' take on his tune:

A little spinning and a little twirling from our mistresses of the dance:

We end the videos with the "Funky Town Clap-Down" (I think Jeanie & I were both shocked that, given their combined coordination, nobody got slapped in the face during this particular ensemble):


Leslie, Arlin & Katie Kauffman said...

I *love* these videos, Lisa! These girls have rhythm!! (Way more than my husband! ha, ha)

How great that Kennedy and Mac have grown up together and become such good friends. How sweet!

Leslie and Katie

Amy Park said...

Hey Kennedy and Lisa!

I love these videos! You're a great dancer Kennedy!


Amy Park