Friday, August 31, 2007

Last Trip of the Summer

Kennedy, Ryan, Kyle, and I made the trek last weekend to my sister's neck of the woods in Antigonish, NS for her nuptials. Kennedy & I were both members of the wedding party so I didn't get a lot of "wedding ceremony" pics, but plenty at the reception and from the rest of the visit with her cousins and my sister Tammy and new brother in law, Kevin. Mom, Kennedy, and I stayed on an extra couple days and had a nice visit. It was great to see Kennedy running around playing with her cousins Keith and Kendra, playing at the playground with them, and even getting her hair straightened by her cousin, Kerrin. We don't get together nearly enough.


ellen charge said...

lisa we need u in charge quick theres some post there bout dating and std help great pics to

Eva Nichole said...

Kennedy you look beautiful in your dress!! glad you all had such a wonderful summer I know we did.

Crystal and Eva