Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Summer Just Got A Bit Busier

I just had a phone call from the hospital - seems they want to send me some more medical students. When they are doing they internship at this hospital, the head neonatalogist, who looked after Kennedy for the first five days before she was transferred to the Children's Hospital, has them go out into the community to meet an actual family, talk to them, interview them, etc to learn what things are like from our point of view. I can never say "no" to this because I truly 100% believe that this type of training is absolutely vital in creating good doctors. I think some of the doctors we had encountered over this nine-year journey could've used a little more training like this. I always have certain things I want to say to them, and I always do - I don't know if it makes a difference but I certainly feel like I'm doing my part to help educate them from the family point of view.

So, in addition to our trip to the IWK Children's Hospital next week for the best part of the week, the trip on the weekend just after that to my cousin's in Campbellton, and my sister's wedding the week after that in NS (of which Kennedy & I are both to be a part of), and shopping for everyone's back-to-school supplies, I need to fit these medical students in somewhere before university & school starts in early September. Wish me luck...


Eva Nichole said...

WOW that is amazing!! I am so glad you have a hospital that trains that way and I think they all should. You are all doing a great thing to help others in the future.
Crystal and Eva

ellen charge said...

i reckon they all should ive had the ones where we go there and they ask us allthe sutff its k except the one time when my gt was like the dr to collect the info so he could no that the others did it right and well his prob is he knows me so well anywa so if we said oh she has this this this hed b oh have u tried meds or oh like trying pretend he didnt no but i knew he knew everything

Amelie Chan said...


You dont need any will succeed and get through it all, your'e a tower of strength to us all! I know the school uniform feeling though we had all 4 girls to sort out for three different schools, it was a nightmare and expensive! The joys of motherhood.

Loved Kennedy's videos and pictures of the conference.

love Lesley & Amélie