Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another New Food!

Every Saturday night growing up, we had homemade beans for supper. This was a longstanding tradition in my parents' house and they still do it even though all the kids have moved out. It's odd to go into my parents' house on a Saturday and not smell homemade beans cooking. Yesterday, Graeme & Kennedy went to have dinner with my Mom & Dad because I was out having dinner with a couple of my friends. Kennedy decided she wanted to try beans and promptly devoured two bowls! She wanted to make a video to tell you about it:


Eva Nichole said...

Oh my god Kennedy you are so adorable, I showed all your videos to my mom and sister and they see Eva when they see you and think you are just adorable. Enjoy your yummy beans!!
Crystal and Eva

Nana B said...

Hi sweety, this is Nana B! I saw your videos for the first time today. I'm very glad you enjoy bananas and baked beans. I am making some applesauce. Your Daddy will bring some home for you. It is made with Cortland apples. They also make very good pies. Someday you could have a piece of apple pie. I hope to see you soon.

Hugs and Kisses,
Nana B

hannah m said...

K - I look forward to seeing your videos so much. You are so eloquent - I can see you being a news reporter one day!

L - I love this tradition of beans on Saturday! Any chance your parents would share the recipe?