Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Poetry Reading by Kennedy

Tonight is a "diva" night for sure. Kennedy spotted a new poetry book I won recently and decided that her blog audience would like not one, but two poems read to them. I will post the text below the video so you can follow along.

The Wind by Marie Louise Allen
The Wind, O the wind, it is made out of air
That always is rushing to get somewhere.
It comes in a hurry
And goes in a flurry --
It pushes so hard that it makes us all scurry!
It whirls and it twirls
And it tugs at my curls;
It puffs and it blows, and away there it goes!
But why must it hurry? Not anyone knows.

River Winding by Charlotte Zolotow
Rain falling, what things do you grow?
Snow melting, where do you go?
Wind blowing, what trees do you know?
River winding, where do you flow?


Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Kennedy, you are an EXCELLENT poetry reader! I am impressed!

hannah m said...

Yay, Kennedy! Beautiful poetry reading. Such expression!

Eva Nichole said...

WOw that was great and done with such expression and love. I can see you love to read. Thanks for the poems they were great.
Crystal and Eva

Mrs. Carey & Mrs. Weir's Grade Three Class said...

Dear Kennedy,
We enjoyed your poems. They are very nice. You used a lot of expression when you were reading the poems. Could you read us another poem please? Can you also write us a message?

Yours truly,
Mrs. Carey and Mrs. Weir's grade three class

Amélie said...

yes the Channies loved it too miss Kennedy...never ceasing to amaze us all xx