Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sleepover at Nana & Papa's

Kennedy went last night for a sleepover at Nana & Papa's house as Graeme & I were going curling with a group of students from the university. We aren't "avid curlers" by any means of the imagination - Graeme didn't even curl last night as he is sporting a sore elbow and I've only done it a couple times before. It's not a sport we watch a lot at home, either, so Kennedy hasn't been exposed to it all that much.

Kennedy has watched curling on television with my father before, however, and as we were leaving she said, "will I see you on T.V., mama?" I stifled a giggle and replied, "no baby, not tonight." I think because she was out there with Papa again, she just assumed that if we were curling, she would be watching us on T.V. Ah, the innocence of youth. Nope, no cameras at our little event; the only camera crews that would've captured last night's curling shenanigans would be those of a blooper-type show.

Suffice to say, there weren't too many incidences of any "houses" looking like this photo at the curling rink we were at last night. It was some ugly curling at times, but it was also great fun, which is the main point!


Crystal and Eva said...

Wow I have only seen the sport once on tv and I have never played it. Good for you getting out and doing something fun.
Crystal and Eva

ellen said...

she is a sweetie

Lisa said...

It's hard Crystal but a lot of fun!

Ellen, she sure is!!