Monday, March 7, 2011

Winter Carnival 2011

To update my last post, Kennedy's appointment was canceled at cardiology because of her bad cold/fever. We will see them again in June hopefully. I will be sure to update everyone after that appointment is over.

Last week was Kennedy's Winter Carnival at her school and on Friday, which was also 80s Day, there was a Gong Show in the afternoon. Kennedy choreographed and practiced her heart out on this dance number - she didn't get a single gong! She brought down the house. Now to continue practicing for cheer competitions, her spring theater performance and of course, CHARGE Conference Idol 2011!


Kurby Family said...

Great job Kennedy! Love the 80's theme and Gong show idea, great job not getting a single Gong!

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Great job, Kennedy! You can really rock it!!

Marie-Pier said...

Go Kennedy! Loved the moves and the outfit. You looked completely at ease out there. Keep dancing.

valo31 said...

AWESOME dance, Kenndedy!! I can't believe you choreographed this yourself! You have definitely got the moves girl! :) With all of your talent, I have a feeling we will be seeing you on television someday soon! ;)

Btw, I LOVED the outfit and your hair! I used to dress and wear my hair like that back in the day. :p