Thursday, September 9, 2010

New School Year

It's grade seven.
Grade SEVEN.
How did THAT happen?
She was just learning to walk yesterday, wasn't she?

Lots of changes this year so far - big steps (more for her father and I, I think, than Kennedy) - she is going on the regular school bus this year and going in the locker room to change for P.E. on her own to name a couple. The phase of wanting to be cool (which automatically makes her dad and I decidedly UNCOOL) has definitely blossomed over the summer and a little bit of that 'almost teen' attitude has also emerged. Most people would say that these things were things they weren't looking forward to; however, to me, it's wonderful. It's development. It's progress. It's awareness of social cues that happen at this age. So, I will take the eye-rolling, the "Mom, don't, my friends are looking", the emotions and everything else that comes along with adolescence. Why? Because when you start here:

You tend to appreciate every single development that occurs. You take nothing for granted. Not even a breath.

Kennedy - first day of grade seven, September 7th, 2010.


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Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Kennedy, you look like such a young lady here! It's amazing how much you have grown and blossomed over the last few years. I hope 7th grade is fun for you! Try not to be too hard on your mom and dad for their "uncoolness." :-)

ellen charge said...

lisa u r cool but i know what you mean and its great in a way that she can act like a normal teenager and say that u arent cool LOL like you say from a millio tubes and nope form drs to wat she is now and others are now to its jstu amazing i allwasy marvel at my chargers i follow through the blogs and i think they dotn jsut have strength coz of charge its the family to you are the best and i really am looking fwd to a big hug with you girls weather she says its uncool or not i demand a pic of us three next year LOL

Kurby Family said...

Grade 7?!?! Wow! I am so glad that you are taking the attitude and eye rolling in stride, I love to hear about her sass and independence. Sounds like the next few years will be an adventure!

Kristi said...

So grown up, Kennedy!

Lisa... such a profound statement with the posting of the NICU picture just above your young lady as she looks on her first day of
7th grade. Amazing.

Amélie said...

year 7 !!! when did that happen indeed. I think the new background suits Kennedys personality with all the pink hearts ! Hope your all well life is so hectic I am indeed behind with you all !!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I can't believe how grown-up our girls are. Like you said, seems like yesterday they were babies! Wow! I hope one day Cheyenne will be able to do some of the things Kennedy is doing. It's just amazing how far they've come!!