Friday, September 18, 2009

First Test of Middle School

Ahhh...if only everything could be spelling. (you can click the picture to enlarge it if you can't see it well)
Kennedy's First Middle School Test, she got twenty out of twenty!

This kid can spell like nobody's business.

Maybe it's genetic?

(Me, with very large hair, in grade 12, as part of the St. Vincent's High School winning spelling bee team...yikes)


hannah m said...

You go, Kennedy! I mean seriously - awesome!

And Lisa, I am LOVING that photo of you at your spelling bee!

Erica said...

Fantastic!! And I love that it is a test based entirely on the "ay" sound, and not some arbitrary test of random words. Kennedy is off to a great start.

Christina Taylor said...

Awesome Kennedy! I've got one here too - William aces all the spelling tests (and also like Mom!)

Kristi said...

Seriously! Spelling ace... and hearing impaired! That's BRILLIANT! Says alot about what a Smarty Pants she is, indeed! (Lovin' that label, by the way!)
Kennedy never ceases to amaze me.

Lisa... I am totally digging the big hair in your spelling team photo! Like you, I LOVED spelling in school... and must admit that I had some pretty big bangs at one point! :-)

Thanks for sharing so much about how you paved the way for Kennedy's transition to middle school. I always learn so much from you.