Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September School Work

Kennedy had to write a story about her summer vacation. I thought some of you might get a kick out of it:

My Summer Vacation

I had a great summer! I went to Theatre Camp, Deaf Camp, and I got a haircut.

I went to Theatre Camp to do singing, dancing, and acting. We are doing the play called Peter Pan. I am an actress now. It is at the Interaction Children's Theatre.

I went to Deaf Camp on August 3rd. It is in Fredericton. We played games, swimming, and crafts. I had fun at Deaf Camp!

I got a haircut at Wal-Mart. My hair got straightened. I got blonde hair. Marysa and Jenna came with me. I also got bangs. I love my haircut!

I had a wonderful summer! My best part was going to Theatre Camp, Deaf Camp, and my haircut. I hope I will be a good student in Grade five.

She also had to write sentences with conjunctions. For some reason, when she is told to write sentences, she independently does these long, rich, detailed sentences. When she is writing a story (as above), she uses more short, choppy sentences. That's something we need to work on but she'll get there. I had to have a good laugh at number 1. You can click the picture to make it bigger if you can't read it.


Erica said...

Outstanding! Definitely a chip off the ol' block. She is some great kid and I'd love to meet youse guys some day.


hannah m said...

Oh, I love this so very much! What a treat to see Kennedy's hard work. When I was a teacher (pre-Vivian), my favorite subject to teach my students was writing - to see what's inside their heads, how it translates onto paper and the progression of writing skills like detail, voice, word choice - it's such a treat! Kennedy's teacher is a lucky one! Thanks for sharing this, Lisa!

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Kennedy, you are a great writer!! Maybe in addition to being an actress, you can also be an author!

Love that first sentence with "although"--how true! :-)

Maeve said...

At first, I thought it said it makes her "fart".
Then I clicked to embigg'n and saw what it really said.
She sure is a hoot!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Oh my goodnes. Kennedy is hilarious. What a charming, adorable, talented girl!
Thanks for checking in on Moriah.
Talk to you soon!