Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pancakes, French Toast, and Toast with Crust!

All in the span of the past three days - Kennedy has eaten (and done very well!) with these three new foods. It's so exciting to see her eating different things and expanding her "gustatory horizons". This will make breakfast so much nicer for her; we can add lots of different fruit to the pancakes, she will get some egg/protein with her French toast and how about just regular ol' toast? She ate two pieces of regular toast today and her second piece with crust and all! Homemade apple and strawberry jelly from Nana B's farmstand on top, too.

Never a prouder mother was there today as I watched my blond curly-mopped angel scarf down that toast complete with crust. Oh and table syrup such as Aunt Jemima for the pancakes and French toast? Not a chance - she wants "this one, mama" - pointing and referring to pure maple syrup. A true Canadian kid...nothing but the best when it comes to maple syrup!

On another interesting food note, we are trying to move her to mashed foods for supper and some different things also for lunch. I had a meeting tonight so Daddy got her supper ready. Dad reports to me on the way home from my meeting that she did great with her mashed potatoes (a favourite of hers) and with the mashed carrots; however, when it came to the tuna steak Dad cooked for her and then just mashed up instead of pureeing it, Kennedy was not interested and had a good question for her father... "Dad, are you trying to choke me?"

Kennedy, looking like she is in pain but actually very much enjoying some squash and mashed potatoes at Nana and Papa's house on New Year's DayI love this kid.

Today toast with crust, tomorrow the WORLD!
(or, maybe some ravioli)


ellen charge said...

wow kk i love her eating adventures and are youtrying choke love that one hahaha

Eva Nichole said...

Way to go Kennedy!! I also love your hair its getting so long.
Crystal and Eva

Amélie Mia Chan said...

Brilliant question for your Dad...

I bet he knows where he stands with you Kennedy!

I notice the 'princess' top your wearing its very well suited and appropriate for a princess!

hugs the Chans xxxxxx