Sunday, January 3, 2016

So this is happening in a few months...

Well it's hard to believe it - she is graduating in June of this year.  Now that 2016 has rolled around, it's even more real than it was in the fall when we had her graduation pictures taken.  It's just surreal!

So it's been a year of "lasts" - the last first day of school, last Remembrance Day concert, last holiday show, last high school musical, etc.   We are enjoying every minute of it as we know things will be different after this year although she is determined to stay involved with music and the arts through community choirs & theater groups.

This year's musical was "Anything Goes" - I wasn't too excited when they announced what it was going to be but the show literally was mind-blowing.  What the director was able to elicit from these high school students in an intense, six-week rehearsal time-frame was astonishing—truly a great way to end her high school musical career.  More updates as the year progresses but for now, I'll leave this link for the album for the musical photos for all the non-facebookers who might be checking in (you don't need a fb account to view these):

2015-2016 Harbour View High School Musical Photos: Anything Goes

Kennedy delivering her "I'm a sinner!" line during Reno Sweeney's nightclub/sermon act.